DSC 6015

Purpose of creation: to promote distribution of knowledge about birds, their roles in ecosystems and to coordinate activity those who love and studies birds.

- Mission to promote protection and sustainable existence of birds in ecosystems, increase of interest and improvement of the relation to birds in a society.

- The basic purposes: to promote protection, study and increase of number of birds by increase ecological education of the population; distribution of knowledge about birds and their role in ecosystems and in life of the people; to promote for rational use of birds.

- Basic directions of activity: ornithological and ecological monitoring in connection with threat for ability to live of birds; distribution of knowledge about birds in Mass Media and realisation of explanation work among the population; development of measures and realisation them in life together with other organisations and separate citizens for protection of rare and threatened birds, important habitats for birds; coordination and cooperation in activity with foreign and international ecological and ornithological organisations.