eco turizm 02The "ecotourism" conception is widely spreaded last years and it includes ecological, economical and social meanings. It includes a larger idea than "sea, sand and the sun" triangle by saying "ecotourism". This expression is widely used now. This is nature tourism. In fact, the nature tourism conception meaning "ecotourism" started to be used in 80-es of last century. Ecotourism mainly was connected with traveling to high pictorial and unique places. That is to say that educational element was not a necessary term for travelers. Later it was necessary to improve those elements. Ecotourism improved it by uniting in itself the planning methods, management methods and economic towards from that time. Environment protection, education, economic and social advantages and also attraction of the community make it more priceless.

Our motherland Azerbaijan is a unique country with its beauties. A lot of places which are advisable to see always attracted tourists' attraction. Azerbaijan is known with its pride high mountains, deep gorges, partere walleyes, pictorial plains, alpine meadows, gold sand beaches, tumultuous rivers, blue lakes, fascinating forests, mud volcanoes architecture, the fine arts monuments, applied popular art, literature, music and theatre culture etc. Everybody who comes and travels here faces with hospitality and kindness, lives unforgettable days, finds devoted friends.

Azerbaijan being in the ranks of countries having got reach natural potention has an opportunity to improve the ecotourism. It is estimable an initiative of the Ministry of Ecology and natural resources for organizing tourist tours to the National parks for improving the ecotourism. There are six National parks, fourteen State nature reserves and twenty specially protected zones in our Republic. Development of nature tourism will give tourists a chance not only to have a rest but also to recognize Azerbaijan better.

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