More 363 species of birds occur on the territory of Azerbaijan. They are related to 17 orders and 60 families. More 40% of all species are sedentary, near 27% - wintering and more 10 % - occur in migration.

Azerbaijan is one from richest countries by birds. Waterbirds are especially different (not more 144 species). One from most power migration ways (from Eastern Europe and Western Siberia to Middle East and East Africa) across Azerbaijan. Every year not lesser than 20 million only waterbirds occur here. Yet in 1960-s near 2 million waterbirds (ducks, geese, coot) were hunted here. 36 species are included in Red data Book of Azerbaijan and 23 species from fauna of Azerbaijan are included in Red data Book of the World (look "Rare and valuable species").

Main threats for birds are decrease of habitats (forest cutting, water reservoirs drying et c.), inlegal hunting and collecting of eggs for eating, disturbance (grazing et c.), oil output and transportation (especially in Caspian Sea), electric lines et c.

2 State Preserves was founded especially fir birds – Kyzylagach *(near 500 000 wintering waterbirds) and Aggyol (to 100 000), besides birds are protected in Samukh preserve-hunting firm, island Gil and other sites. Great number of waterbirds occur on the lakes Sarysu (to 500 000), Mahmudchala (to 40 000), Kura estuary (to 75 000), along Absheron-Gobustan seacoast (between island Pyrallahy – cape Pirsagat; 200 000).

We have all conditions for development of Birdwatching and ecoturism. It is possible to watch birds in Azerbaijan in all seasons. Great wintering flocks and mixed breeding colonies, water and terrestrial, forest and mountain, semi-desert and bush birds you can watch here.

Birds are one from great natural resources of our country and we must protect there.